Why Milton Keynes is a Great Place to Live in 2017

Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Milton Keynes is a Great Place to Live in 2017

Grown Up and Developed a Soul

Milton Keynes has grown up and developed a soul over recent years.  As Londoners have escaped the city to commute from the suburb, and businesses have flocked to set up home in the thriving commercial districts, the town has flourished. 

Whilst a proportion of the population still work in London (the train takes just 30 minutes), more companies and residents are opting to stay local and reduce the commute to work in MK.  There are also now over 16000 workers who commute into Milton Keynes for employment. 

As technology innovators flock to set up base in Milton Keynes, there is no shortage of jobs.  In fact, MK now creates jobs faster than anywhere in Britain.  With good transport links and innovative technology and engineering at the heart of new infrastructure, the city is expanding faster than London in 2016.

The New City is Now a Green Future City

In 2015, Milton Keynes was ranked against all of the UK’s cities to be one of the best for health, employment, housing affordability and commuting times, firmly placing it as a desirable place to live and work.

From driverless cars to ultra-fast broadband planned, this new city is becoming a future city that many want to be part of.

As well as innovation, Milton Keynes has always strived to be a green garden city, encouraging wellbeing and nature.  MK has over 270km of safe car-free cycling paths (called redways) away from the traffic, and over 5000 acres of parks, woodland and green spaces.  The Park’s Trust in Milton Keynes continues to plant approximately 100 trees and shrubs a day!

From great schools, year-round entertainment, good employment, modern architecture, great transport and a stunning location surrounded by beautiful countryside, it’s clear to see why MK is such a popular place to live.